Leather Jesus

Photos by Freak the Mighty.
I made the leather heart, leather crown of thorns, and white harness.

Love Is Queer!

I'm performing!

I am very passionate about raising funds for this musical-It talks the talk, walks the walk, dances, sings, drums and strings, flies through the air on trapeze, silks, stilts and rope. The cast and crew are made up of queer and trans folk-some of us have intimate relationships with each other in real life too! It 's captures the diverse queer experience and is all about how we LOVE! We need to have artistic productions with queer narratives that have happy endings and it needs to be executed with style and soul. So re-post and throw a couple dollars our way-you will be proud to say that your money helped produce this magnificent show. It's part of the National Queer Arts Festival and I know it will travel beyond!

Love Is Queer tickets!
Two nights to choose from :
June 25

June 26

Aerial Theater!!!

Puppy Mutt Head Harness

My Life.

This is my schedule:
Monday = Only day off
Tuesday = 10am to 12:30pm aerial practice.  1pm to 6pm ish Tattoo studio apprenticeship at Modern Electric Studio
Wednesday = 11am to 3pm Tattoo studio apprenticeship at Modern Electric Studio.  4pm to 12am Leather production and craftsmanship at Mr.S Leather.
Thursday = 11am to 3pm Tattoo, 4pm to 12am Leather.
Friday = 11am to 3pm Tattoo, 4pm to 12am Leather.
Saturday = 11am to 8pm Leather craft at Mr. S Leather.
Sunday = 11am to 8pm  Leather craft

I've decided to focus on only a few things at a time.  I have been working on many things and finding it challenging to juggle them all... I am not a juggler, just look at the front page of my blog!.  I will be focusing on Tattoo, Aerial theater, and Leather.

Tattoo - I have been selected by S.M. Shifflet to be the newest apprentice to work at Modern Electric Studio in San Francisco Ca.  on 60 Otis.
Aerial Theater - I have been added to the cast of Love Is Queer The American Gay SongBook, a musical review with aerial and circus...
Leather Production - I make leather products at Mr.S Leather

I will also be posting mini and many lists of the things I am doing every day to keep you all posted!